If You Want to
Get More Church Members,
Have Greater Attendance at Church,
and Get Higher Offerings in the Collection Basket Week After Week,
Then You Need to
Stop Committing the
7 Deadly Sins of Preaching!

7 Deadly Sins of PreachingEach person in your church at every moment has something happening in his or her life outside the church. They are all there, sitting before you and the altar, right now – today. And you’ve got to compete with all that noise in order to spread the Word of the Lord and His Good News. That’s a pretty tall order.

Not only are you preaching to the choir and regular attendees, on any given Sunday (or Saturday night or Wednesday… you get it), look who you’re also preaching to:

  • Returning past members,
  • Vacationers,
  • The newly committed yet still without a church home,
  • Those planning to leave one church home for another (maybe yours) and,
  • Those members who don’t regularly attend but happened to show up today.

When you preach well, on any given Sunday,
and in fact on every Sunday,
with God working through you,
you can literally change people’s lives.

Of course you know, your number one best recruiting tool for new members once they’ve decided to visit your church is a powerful sermon and Spirit-filled service that feels welcoming. With those potential new members you likely have just one chance to make an impact before they make their decision about if they will join your church or go find another.

In this free report you’ll discover how you may commit each of the 7 Deadly Sins — the real ones – as they relate to preaching your sermons and how you can repent from those speaking sins like:

  • Sloth
  • Gluttony
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Greed
  • Lust
  • Wrath

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