As a pastor, you’ve no doubt seen the power of God at work in people’s lives (maybe even your own!) through in-depth, focused time with workshops and teachings presented by qualified leaders. Here are three options for you to choose from in order to help you and those in your parish more effectively communicate their messages:

Pastor Only Retreat

This is our flagship program, designed to help ministers of all Christian faiths preach more effectively in order to build your membership, get more volunteers to do more service for the church, and boost your weekly intake from regular tithing. If you lead a large church, hold a retreat for only the ministers in your church. If you lead a medium or smaller church, invite all the pastors in your local community from all churches and Christian denominations to join with you at your location and share the investment. This hands-on retreat will open your eyes to areas you may not even realize you need to improve, while doing so in a supportive, friendly and fun environment. By the end of this day and a half retreat your preaching will be greatly improved and will continue to improve with the skills you’ll take back and implement for your church.


Parishioner and Lay Minister Retreat

All churches experience growing pains and communication challenges from time to time. When your members and lay ministers have the skills they need to effectively communicate with each other, problems are more easily resolved and everyone is happier. Beyond these crucial interpersonal skills, your lay ministers of the Word should have an annual meeting that includes a practice session with a refresher on the best practices for speaking at services. Similar to a parish mission, the goal of this one-day retreat is that all participants are happier and more fulfilled members of your church community through effective interpersonal communication skills with other members and at home.


Two in One: Pastor and Parishioner Combo Retreat

Why not allow both your parishioners, lay ministers and pastors all benefit from more effective communication skills? That’s what we’ll help you and your members do during this two-day retreat intensive. If your church is currently experiencing growing pains and challenges we’ll meet with you, the various committees and key staff to make sure all begins running smoothly again and your church is working together as one community of God. We’ll work with you and the other ministers privately on improving your speaking and preaching skills and help move your church forward with solid interpersonal communication workshops, principles, and new skills.